Kitamura Bujutsu Kai

It was born with other names in 1992 in Italy by Manrico Erriu sensei, school head, founder and president.


Kitamura Bujutsu Kai (KBK) is an independent non-governmental body, a traditional school of Bujutsu based on the deeper concept of a warrior clan. For this reason it is managed through the absolute respect of unquestionable rules and ancient rituals.


Part of the Watanabe & Kitamura Foundation, the KBK was born with the aim of divulging part of the warrior disciplines of the Japanese Kitamura clan.


Training in bujutsu (the art of war) merges with monastic ascetic practices. The main subject studied, in terms of armed combat, is kenjutsu (the art of fencing with the Japanese sword) and all its components. It represents the essence of the fighting arts and acts as a glue to all the others, combining iai-jutsu, batto-jutsu, iaidō and the practices of kendō.


The Japanese sword (including blades of various lengths), is contrasted with other traditional weapons, such as spears (yari), halberds (naginata), sticks of various lengths and mixed weapons.


Shugendō is part of our doctrines. It is a practice that is the result of a fusion of elements from different religions, ideologies and philosophies. The name can be translated as the way that leads to the acquisition of spiritual and supernatural powers.


The doctrines combine practical disciplines of armed and unarmed combat with spiritual ones, which thanks to the celebration of various rituals, and the use of shingon, recitative formulas of power (mantrā in Sanskrit), of inzō, hand gestures (mūdra in Sanskrit) , of sūtra, mystical prayers and various ritual instruments (often ancient objects, usually blades, sticks and various elements) allow the practitioner to develop particular skills.


The body divides its members into three types: practitioners, ordinary and supporters.


The practicing members have access to the practice of primary activities (Bujutsu and "Shugendō"); ordinary members participate in secondary activities (Japanese language and culture courses, exhibitions, seminars, events, etc.); supporting members contribute to the development of the organization through donations, legacies or other types of support.


Join the Kitamura Bujutsu Kai for an all-encompassing, energizing and engaging experience.






We provide courses and seminars for the development of human potential, through the study of a part of the ancient doctrines kept by the Kitamura Ryū. These practices include active and deep meditation systems through the use of mudras, mantras, mandalas, rituals and ascetic retreats. The system applies to every sector, field, genre or category.


Psychological, physical and spiritual development is essential for achieving one's balance and one's life goals, whatever they may be. The effectiveness of the method lies in the intrinsic inner strength in each of us. We teach to effectively develop the potential of being human, we teach to make the intention active and focused on the objectives. Determination is the first quality strengthened by the set of doctrines taught.


The seminar, theoretical (30%) practical (70%), lasting 8 hours, will be conducted in an isolated environment, away from interference and sheltered from the distractions of everyday problems. An intensive seminar aimed at strengthening one's physical, mental and spiritual potential. The seminar will address issues such as:


breathing; the ritual stick, an indispensable tool for meditation and an important self-defense weapon; body posture in static and dynamic meditation; vocalizations and preparation for mantras; vibrations, intangible energy and vocalizations; The power of imagination, active thinking and sound; kenjutsu and iaido (the use of the Japanese sword as a powerful destructive means against physical and intangible enemies); bojutsu (the use of the stick as a powerful meditative means and weapon); resistance, endurance, psycho-physical strengthening.



The participant will learn essential basics in a short time. Such notions will offer a tangible approach to the benefits of practicing the doctrines taught.





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