Watanabe & Kitamura Foundation

The Watanabe & Kitamura Foundation was founded by Watanabe & Kitamura Investments in 2018. The WATANABE & KITAMURA Foundation was born from the will of its President, Manrico Erriu, an entrepreneur deeply tied to Japan. The foundation supports every form of Japanese art that contributes to keeping Japanese traditions, rituals and culture alive. In addition to this, the foundation has the philanthropic purposes of implementing initiatives aimed at assisting, encouraging and supporting international relations, social, economic, technological and cultural development on a global scale., defining among its areas of intervention:


- Dissemination of Japanese culture Wordwide

- Environmental protection

- Education

- The Arts and Sciences

- Knowledge, Research and Innovation

- Health

- Saving lives

- The efficiency of the armed forces, police, firefighters and ambulances

- Alleviate poverty

- Animal protection

- Sports

In pursuing its purposes, the Foundation will:


- carry out studies in the fields of advanced technology, artificial intelligence,

  chemistry, ecology, renewable energy and environmental sustainability, agriculture and innovation;


- carry out studies and proposals on Blockchain technology;


- carry out research, development, production and application of innovative technologies aimed at

  improving the individual's life and health conditions;


- finance excellent projects in the field of education and the arts;


- to finance excellent research projects, with particular reference to renewable energy,

  nano-technology and innovation in general.

WATANABE & KITAMURA Group  |  London (UK), Tirana (Albania), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)  |  Reg. Capital: € 2.503.000,00