Artificial intelligence Applied to Image Recognition

AI technologies are creating better image recognition, it also has the ability to recognize images, which is significant because 80 percent of social media contents on the internet today are visuals and over 657 billion images that promotes different products and appeals to social media users are posted yearly...

How drones are shaping up the modern society

With hundreds of thousands of drones being used all over the world, they have played a huge role in shaping up the modern society. In fact, people are trying to incorporate the use of drones in unique and creative ways. Here are some of the sectors where drones are beneficial in modern times.

The importance of having a private banker

As financial technologies and products advance, the variety of investment options continues to grow. Furthermore, personal finance continues to expand as money management becomes more intricate. For those that have money and assets that need managing, taking the time to find a private banker to work with will pay dividends. A private banker not only helps with investing, but also can assist with estate planning and other financial related topics that will impact your assets for generations to come. That being said, here are a few reasons why having a private banker is important.

Interview with Roberto Cireddu

Roberto Cireddu is a successful private banker, having  carried out an important number of financial operations and consultancies, specializing in Trust Institutions, Trustee Funds and Generational Planning Steps.

We were fortunate to meet him in London during a meeting by WATANABE & KITAMURA Investments, after which we were able to interview him...

Is there enough food being produced to sustain the increasing population?

Production of food is a stark challenge for the whole world. These days, barely enough food is produced to feed roughly 7.5 billion people alive today, but around a billion of those are either hungry or malnourished mostly because of unequal distribution or poverty. 

Future of wearables in Healthcare: 

5 Things you should know about wearables

Wearable technology has often faced a lot of skepticism. While their impact has been limited so far, the experts are expecting a boom in the future for wearables in healthcare. This growth will be in high-tech medical products like smart pills, smart patches, and other forms of treatments.

Andrea Silvestri

Security Anthropology

Making a good presentation of yourself is never an easy or granted task. We only have got one opportunity to do so and to leave a good impression in our readers. I will try to give you a synthetic, yet detailed, presentation of my life and my work. 


A work and a life path that brought me to the the present moment, a life dedicated to the study of humans and dynamics related to security, protection, war, violence, defense and honor. A peculiar job that certainly crisscrosses with my personal life at many levels. 

Chernobyl begins a New Life as Solar Power Park 

Ukraine has launched a new solar electric farm which is located 300 feet from the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear power plants that suffered a meltdown in 1986 killing thousands of people while spreading radiation across Russia and Europe...

How digital currency technology is the future?

The world of money or currency is changing. 2019 has brought upon the down of digital technology’s new way of accepting payments without the requirement of any real money or the need to negotiate with a bank.

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