Artificial intelligence Applied to Image Recognition

Over the years, lots of organizations have made use of Artificial Intelligence in solving difficult tasks, simplifying processes and automating actions. From chatbots on websites to personal voice assistant on our devices, Artificial Intelligence is improving how we interact with technology on a daily basis. 


At present, so many Artificial Intelligence technologies require the use of computer vision techniques in order to understand and process visual images. AI technologies are creating better image recognition, it also has the ability to recognize images, which is significant because 80 percent of social media contents on the internet today are visuals and over 657 billion images that promotes different products and appeals to social media users are posted yearly. 


Artificial Intelligence works by searching through various social media platforms for images and comparing them to extensive data set. AI can identify images without specific tag mentions, thereby helping brands to track and trace their social media mentions. 


Various organizations use this image recognition to find contents that are similar to theirs on the social media. In addition, brands that can track social media mentions without users typing the company names are at an advantages position than others. 


Here are top 7 Image recognition apps to watch in 2019


Google Lens: Google Lens allows users to capture images using their smartphone camera and then perform an image-based search on the web. It also works by offering users links to pages, wiki articles and other relevant data connected to the image. 


Aipoly Vision:  Aipoly is an app designed to help people who are visually impaired or colour blind to recognize images or colours they are pointing at using their smartphone cameras.


TapTapSee: TapTapSee are also designed for people who are visually impaired or blind, it leverages on the camera of your device and VoiceOver functions to take images or video of anything you are pointing at using the smartphone.


Cam Find: This app is more like a mobile visual search engine which allows the user to search the physical world. When you take a picture of an object, the app tells you what the object is and generate practical results like videos, images and local shopping offers. Users are also allowed to save their findings to their profile and share with family and friends. 


ScreenShop: Screenshop is an app exclusively designed for fashion lovers who want to know where to find clothes and accessories they see on blogs, fashion models or celebrities. 


Flow Powered by Amazon: Flow is used in identifying products like CD, video games, book covers or other household goods, it also decodes QR codes, phone numbers, email addresses and UPC barcodes. 


Google Reverse Image Search: It helps Google users search for similar images to the one uploaded. Search results can include sites that contain identical images, as well as image size searched for. This app is perfect for people who want to find high-quality images. 


Finally, when applied to Image recognition, Artificial Intelligence offers a great potential that expands the capacity of the smartphones and computers beyond our imagination.

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