ATAI is a Powerful Network of Influence

ATAI is a Research and Development center owned by Watanabe & Kitamura Group. A task force made up of engineers, developers, researchers, and experts in complex project management and communication. 


Image and reputation are everything. At ATAI, we offer highly effective strategies and solutions to build, manage, strengthen and protect yours.

ATAI - Innovative Strategies

ATAI is a Research and Development center owned by Watanabe & Kitamura Group. A task force made up of engineers, developers, researchers, and experts in complex project management and communication. 


Specialized in Artificial IntelligenceIT and Advanced Technologies, ATAI offers a wide range of services, with highly effective solutions, a few of them aimed at building, protecting and strengthening the reputation of its customers, whether they are individuals, startups, multinationals, government institutions or political movements. 


This feat, we have achieved through the use of a combination of contemporary facilities and high technological utilities, leveraging on modern day innovative strategies. Thanks to the vast international network of which we are a part of, in which there are influential representativesof various categories such as strategistspoliticianssuccessful entrepreneursinternational consultantsspecialists in risk management and mitigation strategiespublic relations expertsinfluencersbloggersinternational relationship expertsSocial Media Marketing specialists and video editing production


We develop innovative and functional strategies, aimed at achieving highly ambitious goals through our cohesive group with proven technical skills, skilled strategists driven by the one and only goal of fortifying your reputation and amplifying your profits, be they of an economic, financial or political nature.


Getting the right impact in the community is essential for the success of your project(s), ATAI is in this sense a powerful means of influence and communication. 

Brand Reputation Strategies

"A good reputation is more valuable than money."

Publilius Syrus

"There really is nothing as powerful as a good reputation."

Giuliana Rancic

ATAI Provides Packages Containing the Following Services

Analysis: structured analysis of online reputation, identification of weaknesses, strengths and development of intervention strategies.


Social Media Marketing: creation and management of company and personal profiles on the main social media interfces: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest etc. Management is continuous with constant updating of contents: articles, photos, videos, marketing campaigns etc.


Website and SEO: creation of websites to increase the visibility of the product,  individual, company or brand. The new site will support the old one if it is considered valid or will replace it if deemed ineffective.


Article Marketing: Publication of editorial articles and press releases on sectoral blogs, magazines and newspapers.


Digital Public Reletions: use of Digital PR as famous influencers and bloggers for the promotion of the product, individual, company or brand.


Video Marketing: professional editing of promotional videos and their publication on "RF-TV" – a specialized Youtube channel owned by Watanabe & Kitamura Group that is used for the publication of high quality video contents. RF-TV is an extraordinary means of communication and influence. Its use is exclusive of excellent brands, selected by ATAIs experts.


Corporate Image: creation or restyling of companies’ logos and the coordinated images (business cards, headed papers, brochures, flyers etc.)


Organization of Events: this facilitates operational processes as a promotional vehicle for the presentation of the business, brand and or its strengthening in the market. Areas covered in this service include press conference and presence on local/national TV, local newspaper, RF-TV, Watanabe & Kitamura Group-owned blog as well as external facilities.


Complaints Management: identification and management of the presence of any crises and online negative comments. Our technicians will identify any negative comment, targeted at you and respond promptly (within a maximum of 24h) in order to maintain a policy of courtesy, transparency and dialogue with customers. We will use the best conflict management techniques to turn these negative comments to your advantage.



We are a team of experienced strategists in the management of complex operations.  

We have structured 5 packages with costs ranging from a minimum of €500/month.


Prices vary depending on the quantities provided for each service under the following conditions:


• How many editorial articles and in which newspapers, blogs, magazines they are published.

• How many promotional videos and on how many and which channels they are uploaded.

• How many and which influencers, bloggers and journalists that are used.

• How many conferences printing and organized events, such as printed promotional material and a whole series of variables that are included in the package.


Outside the said structured 5, it is possible to customize one based on the specific needs of the customer. 



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