WATANABE & KITAMURA INVESTMENTS is a global asset management company focused on innovative investment strategies. We are investing in areas such as Innovation Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Education, Consultancy, Blockchain Technology, Fintech, Patents, Real Estate, Developed & Emerging Markets, Equity Funds, Risk Management and Mitigation Strategy.


The WATANABE & KITAMURA Group lays its foundations on deep ethical and moral principles. Our philosophy resides in the Japanese Bushidō. We deeply believe in the ethics of transparency and fairness. Ours is a conscious business model that focuses on the client's interests.



The Watanabe & Kitamura Investments provides innovative strategies with turnkey solutions, to ensure the safety and success of operations for governmental, private and corporate needs and initiatives.


Our team of strategists and consultants provides a wide range of services and solutions based on deep experience and knowledge derived from direct participation in all industrial sectors and at all operational and managerial levels. With extensive know-how and direct experience in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and the Americas we boast an extensive international network rooted in every economic and industrial sector.

WATANABE & KITAMURA Group  |  London (UK), Tirana (Albania), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)  |  Reg. Capital: € 2.503.000,00